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You deserve to come home safely!

Added: 28.10.2020

A threat to pedestrian safety at pedestrian crossings, the need for drivers to comply with the limit of 50 km / h per hour in built-up areas, as well as making vehicle drivers aware of the consequences of exceeding the speed limits on the roads – these issues related to road safety have been discussed in three 3D instructional videos prepared by National Road Safety Council.

– Increasing road safety is one of the government’s priorities and that is why we undertake educational activities that help to shape the appropriate attitudes of Poles. In the prepared videos, we show that our behavior behind the wheel has a real impact not only on our lives, but also on other road users. I believe that thanks to this we will once again move the imagination and influence the attitudes of traffic participants – said the Minister of Infrastructure, the chairman of the KRBRD Andrzej Adamczyk.

About 40% of all road accident victims in Poland are unprotected road users, mainly pedestrians. We pay special attention to this group, especially in the autumn and winter season, because, unlike those driving cars, these people are not protected by the car’s body, and they cannot count on airbags or seat belts. The main reasons for hitting pedestrians was their failure to give way to crossings. Hitting pedestrians, which was caused by inappropriate speed, was characterized by tragic consequences – in almost every sixth accident a human was killed. In this context, it is very important to respect the speed limit of 50 km / h, as it reduces the risk of a pedestrian losing life in an accident. Drastic violation of speed limits is one of the main causes of death of vehicle drivers and co-passengers. In 2019, in the total number of victims of accidents, the largest percentage was constituted by passenger car drivers and their passengers (52.7%).

That is why the National Road Safety Council has prepared films intended to reach internet users – road users. This is part of a number of measures to improve road safety undertaken by the Ministry of Infrastructure. All three films were made in the form of animations in 3D technology and their aim is to raise the awareness of road users – drivers and pedestrians in terms of correct behavior patterns in a specific road situation.

– We make efforts to build a modern infrastructure, but also implement educational activities aimed at changing the attitudes and behavior of users in terms of compliance with road traffic rules and safe driving on the modernized and new road infrastructure. The preparation of 3D instructional videos is one of the many tasks of this type carried out in the field of education – said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Rafał Weber.

We invite you to watch the films!