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Honorary patronage KRBRD


General provisions:
1. The National Road Safety Council (KRBRD) takes the honorary patronage over projects directly related to the tasks and activities carried out by the KRBRD. The organizer applying for patronage should justify the relationship between the planned project and the scope of activities and competences of the KRBRD.
2. The KRBRD patronage is an honorary distinction, emphasizing the special nature of the undertaking and does not constitute a declaration of financial, organizational or personal support for the participation of KRBRD representatives in the event.
3. In the case of cyclical projects, the patronage is granted for one edition each time.
4. The organizer is informed about the decision each time in writing.
5. In the event that the KRBRD honorary patronage is granted, the organizers are provided with the KRBRD graphic symbol (the logotype can be downloaded below).
6. The organizer of the event has the right to use the information about granting the KRBRD honorary patronage and to place the KRBRD logo in information and promotional materials related to the event only after receiving a written confirmation of obtaining patronage.
7. The KRBRD does not provide honorary patronage to commercial (the organizer plans to generate profit) and marketing (promoting products and services of both the organizer and its partners).
8. The KRBRD does not patronize investment-related projects. Patronage may also not cover a project / initiative applying for EU funds or potentially capable of applying for them.
9. KRBRD does not provide honorary patronage to the statutory activities of associations, foundations, unions, organizations; also does not grant permanent patronage.
10. If the patronage is granted by the KRBRD, the applicant is obliged to consult with the KRBRD on the requests to other entities for patronage over the action over which the KRBRD has granted patronage.
11. In particularly justified cases, the KRBRD may decide to grant patronage to events that do not meet the criteria set out in points 1 – 10.

Patronage mode:
1. The issue of granting the patronage of the National Road Safety Council is considered only at the written request of the project organizer.
2. A request for patronage should include:

  • completed application for KRBRD honorary patronage (download form below),
  • detailed program / regulations of the organized project.

3. Requests for patronage will be considered after submitting the complete documents referred to in point 2. In exceptional circumstances, the detailed program / regulations of the project may be attached at a later date. The organizer’s letter informing about the planned event, without an application for honorary patronage attached, does not constitute the basis for assessing the legitimacy of granting the KRBRD patronage.
4. The request for the patronage of the KRBRD should be submitted by the organizer no later than 4 weeks before the planned start of the project. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

The application should be sent to the following address:
Ministry of Infrastructure
Secretariat of the National Road Safety Council,
ul. Chałubińskiego 4/6
00-928 Warsaw

For more information, please contact: Ewelina Seliga, phone: 22 630 13 33

Files to download

krbrd-logo-403.12.20200.1 MB / jpgDownload
krbrd-logo-203.12.20200.1 MB / jpgDownload
krbrd-logo-103.12.20200.1 MB / jpgDownload
Wniosek o patronat honorowy KRBRD03.12.20200.0 MB / docDownload