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Program realization 2014-2015

On the 27th March 2014, the National Road Safety Council adopted the Implementation Programme for 2014-2015 for the National Road Safety Programme.

The Implementation Programme includes a set of actions which realize priorities and directions indicated in the National Road Safety Programme 2020. It also specifies the time to complete each action, the leaders responsible for their implementation and determines a set of indicators presenting the status of the action’s realization and an impact on road safety.

The priority areas of intervention for 2014-2015 are:

speed management – because speed not adjusted to traffic conditions was the most frequent cause of traffic deaths in the previous years
protection of pedestrians – because pedestrians represented on average about 1/3 of road deaths.

Another priority area of intervention aimed at improving the efficiency of a whole system of road safety management is taking up system actions.

As in the previous Implementation Programme for 2013, the actions will be monitored on an ongoing basis by the Secretariat of the National Road Safety Council and their effects will be described in the annual report of the National Road Safety Council and additionally in the interim report 2012 to 2016, in accordance with the evaluation rules described in the National Road Safety Programme 2020.

Files to download

PROGRAM REALIZACYJNY 2014-201530.11.20201.2 MB / pdfDownload