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BRD National Program

The National Road Safety Programme 2013-2020
Adopted by the National Road Safety Council on the 20th June 2013.
Accident reduction, reduction by 50% the number of people killed on the Polish roads, reduction by 40% the number of seriously injured, fighting an excessive speed and improving pedestrian, cyclists and motorcyclists safety – these are the main objectives of the National Road Safety Programme 2013-2020 adopted on the 20the June 2013 by the National Road Safety Council.
The National Road Safety Programme 2013-2020 is a comprehensively developed strategy to improve road safety in Poland in 2013 – 2020. It is based on five pillars: human safety, safe road, safe speed, safe vehicle, emergency medical service and attention after an accident.
The programme is aimed at those who are responsible for road safety in Poland, i.e. among others, parliament, government, local authorities, road managers, enforcement services and all road users.
It sets specific objectives to be achieved within the road safety area, among other things: no more than 2000 fatalities and 6900 seriously injured in 2020.
Its structure is based on internationally agreed ways of tackling the road safety problem. The first objective assumes that a person using the road will always make mistakes and the broader safety system will reduce consequences of a possible accident. The second important objective is so-called 4xE approach which outlines the areas of actions and initiatives needed to improve road safety. These are: engineering, enforcement, education and emergency.
The National Road Safety Programme 2013-2020 is not an action plan but just a programme which designates a direction to be taken to achieve the objectives. Specific actions have been included in the Implementation Programme 2013 adopted on the 22nd May 2013 by the National Road Safety Council.

The National Road Safety Programme 2013-2020

There are still too many deaths on roads
In Poland, the probability of death or injury of road users is still the biggest among all European Union countries. The objectives have been set by such programmes as “Gambit 2000” or “Gambit 2005” for many years through the efforts of government and authorities responsible for safety. The result of this work is systematic reduction of road fatalities.
Over the last 10 years, there have been about 28% less fatalities on Polish roads.

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